Monday, 6 August 2007

More about Slugs

Meet Queenie, the Banana Slug. Little Stuff spotted her yesterday afternoon, and we gathered her up on a leaf and stored her in a cardboard box with the top folded shut. Came back half an hour later with food and there was no slug in the box. She was almost all the way down the outside and headed for freedom. LS grabbed her firmly around the middle and we transferred her to a plastic container with a tight top. Then LS tried to wash her hand clean of the slug slime. No go. Soap and water, soaking, rubbing with a wet cloth, no go. LS said sadly, 'Will we ever get it all off?' Grama, in desperation, applied vinegar, while LS said 'Yuck' lots. Hand came clean. We are now handling Queenie on a leaf as pictured above. She likes apples and poops a lot.
Here is Grandma working hard at child minding. Life falls in hard places, no?
Is this a nice place, or what?


  1. Oh, yes, that is a nice place. Nice is too weak for what that place is. ;)

  2. Gorgeous place but more awesome photos. Those are such gorgeous framable shots!

    Ravin' Picture Maven

  3. Fantastic photos! I'd be saying yuck to the slug slime too!

  4. God's country is what my parents always called it. We lived out there when i was a child...only for a year or two, but i have such vivid memories of the ocean and mountains and PURE BEAUTY that is all around there.

  5. how wonderful it all seems! i love the pictures.

  6. So gorgeous! But - and I'm not very squeamish - Queenie fah-reaks me out a bit.

  7. Uh huh,lawyer mama and tere, me too. Not the kid, however.
    Julie, Christine et al, I intend to do a picture show when I get home.
    Kim, SM, it is about the most beautiful livable place I have ever been (that is, not Utah).