Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Friend in Need

In last week's Hump Day Hmm we were thinking about what is ethical to post and I wrote a bit about a woman I know, a blogger, whose illness is breaking my heart but whose identity I did not feel comfortable revealing. I've got permission from her family to do so, now.

This wonderful blogger, just making it up as i go, is a very sick woman. How, exactly, it came about I am not sure, but she has a perforated bowel. She's in intensive care and has, as I write this, improved slightly from the 50/50 chance of living through her illness that she was given last week. Her family is arranging for daily updates on her condition to be available to those of us who know her and her work; I do not have one for today but as of yesterday she was still deeply sedated but breathing on her own.

If you can, please go and read a bit of her blog and, if it strikes you as a good thing to do, leave a message of encouragement. She is a hugely talented, entertaining and inspiring writer. Just thinking that her voice may be stilled forever hurts. A lot.


  1. Thanks, Mary. I was wondering who she was. Off to her site.

  2. Oh - wonderful. I will print and bring in so that she can either have them read to her (or with fingers crossed multiple times) she can read them for herself.