Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Home again, after what the YD assures me is a routine series of airplane flights in which 1.) we were doublecharged for checked luggage, 2.) plane one was over an hour late leaving and so we had to wait interminably for a gate at the other end, 3.) we did the marathon through Denver airport to catch plane 2, and did not have time to buy real food to eat on the plane, 4.) we spent too much time cooling our heels in Toronto airport, no place for real people, 5.) we sat on the apron at the terminal of our last flight because there had been a security alert and 6.) found our luggage had been searched and not resecured or even fully shut again. Today I am tired, jet lagged and bemused. However, my husband did all the laundry while I was away and even did some ironing, I am breathing moist air at a low altitude and the leaves are starting to turn. Life is good.

I have also fished all my photos off the camera (the only work I have done today!) I went up Pike's Peak on the cog railway on Monday and, having lucked out with a seat in the front row of the train, I got some lovely pics. It was snowy up there and heartbreakingly beautiful. And the ride up and down was just as much fun as sliding aroundat the top taking multiple shots of purple mountain fastnessness and the plain from which they can be viewed. (Note to Canadian readers: the lyrics of 'America the Beautiful' were written shortly after the author visited the Peak -- by horsedrawn carriage. This puts the plane journey into perspective, hmm?)

I am also including two Garden of the Gods pics, as promised. There are a lot more, yes, indeed there are. But I cannot resist shots of the YD climbing on things to frame her shots.

Colorado Springs is a lovely place. However, the YD has chosen to live in Manitou Springs, a small town on the western edge of the city. Here there is a small town atmosphere (I walked into town from the Pike's Peak railway station and everyone I passed spoke to me), lovely quirky local restaurants and shops, easy access to the recreational land in the Front Range and beyond and lots of local biking and hiking, not least in Garden of the Gods Municipal park. Suits the YD's lifestyle. The fact that she is taking up residence in a flood plain is something we both missed until she was signing the lease. However, what she plans to keep in the basement garage are boats. So, I guess that covers that.

I am about to stop babbling here and start catching up on my favourite blogging people. But I do plan to be back more regularly, now I have the new rig up and running. Stand by for leaf pics, I guess.


  1. looks gorgeous, and the town sounds lovely

    i always love autumn leaf pics, even if they do make me insanely jealous. I am enjoying the fact that it's dipping below 70 degrees at night, and have the windows open!!!

  2. Yes, well it's going down to 4 Celsius here tonight; I think that is 40 degrees F. I have put the duvet on the bed. And shut the windows.

  3. Gorgeous shots! I especially love the first Garden of the Gods one. Breath-taking.

  4. I've been absent here. So sorry.
    Truly sorry, because if I'd been checking in, I'd have known you were going to be SO CLOSE!

    What an exciting adventure. I've lived in the Front Range for nearly 8 years and I have never done the Cog Railway or gone to the Garden of the Gods. I think I'd better do that soon or I might be evicted from the state.

    Hope you didn't lose anything out of your luggage.