Saturday, 6 December 2008

Grumpy Seasonal Thoughts.

As of this morning, the progress I have made clearing my office looks like this. It's not as awful as it looks because the big cardboard box is full of discarded duplicate minutes and other useless bumf. And the row of gift bags will disappear on Tuesday. But the pile of Christmas cards that need to be written is a tad depressing.
I have made up a new category of Christmas pain-in-the-posteriors. Have you ever met a Grunch? This is a person, usually one of your near and dear ones, who asks you what you want for Christmas and, when you tell him, explains to you why this is not a good choice and goes and gets you something else. Possibly something similar. Possibly something that will be Good For You to have.
I have two Christmas parties to attend this week. Both held by organizations of which my husband is a member. At each of these parties the wives will foregather in one location and the husbands in another and talk shop. I am considering coming down with something contagious.
And Merry Shopping Week to you, too.


  1. I forever liberated myself many years ago and stopped sending Christmas cards. I could claim "environmental conscientiousness", but I won't. I find them tedious and laborious, and if something makes me unhappy and becomes an obligation and not a joy, then I junk it. And I love my husband's workplace which, in their wisdom, has figured out that spouses hate the company Christmas party and now simply excludes them. The company party is for employees only. What a relief!

  2. I hope my coming home for the day will add fun not work? (Can I be your excuse?)

  3. your office is cleaner than mine! by a lot! ;)

    (don't forget... today is your nostalgic mission - a poem!)

  4. Met a Grunch? I married into a family of them! To be fair - only the older members are Grunches. My husband and his brothers are not (thanks goodness!). But, over the years, I've learned from my mistakes!
    Thanks for the word!