Wednesday, 10 March 2010

C is for CopyCat

Slouchy came up with a fascinating meme over at her place.  She says "I stole this meme from the lovely Schmutzie. It's an interesting little personality test, I think. Type just one letter (a, then b, then c, etc.) into your computer's internet address field. What is then suggested to you is the site (starting with that letter) that you've viewed most often."
I didn't read the instructions carefully enough, and typed the alphabet into my Google search box.  Equally interesting results.  I use Mozilla Firefox, so when I retried using Slouchy's parameters, I came up with the site that has the letter 'a' in it most often.  But the Google search window showed me some very strange sites; I finally figured out that my daughter, son-in-law and the grandson of friends had all been using the search engine. Anyway, here are the search box results, also an interesting personality test.

A = audrey hepburn movie lists
B = brian hughes toronto star
C = canadian bronze figure skating medal 
D = disaster in haiti
E = effect of hst in ontario
F = farenheit to celcius
G = golden lads and girls all must
H = how to get hst rebates ontario
I = ice grips for shoes uk
J = jewish calendar
K = kate mcgarrigle
L = little black dresses
M = moguls olympics
N = natural disaster in haiti
O = oregon coastal highway
P = pirate bay
Q = quotes
R = rumer godden books
S = saaq
T = tom brokaw canada
U = urban dictionary
V = voles in ontario
W = washington state tourism info
X = xs cargo
Y = youtube
Z = zero punctuation

Come up with your own explanations of who went where and why.


  1. very interesting

    I can't begin to guess but I'm curious about the rumer godden books--I think I'll go google it :)

  2. zero punctuation! now I have to google that to find out what it is!

  3. I'm thrilled to see "Rumer Godden books" on the list. I lover Rumer Godden.

    And I wonder what the missing verb from "golden lads and girls all must" is...And whether it has any connection to voles in Ontario. (Ooo...we could make up a story using your list!)