Sunday, 15 August 2010



Here's a boldly spotted little frog with amazing camouflage.  I chased him around the lawn yesterday, having only spotted him as he jumped frantically away from my foot.  And I had the devil of a time finding him, even though I knew exactly where he was.  In real life he's only about an inch long - the grass badly needed cutting.

I've been thinking about his protective colouring a bit to-day as I did the ironing (several week's worth) and listened to the rain pound down.  I believe a lot of camouflage can be quite dramatic and work well.  Think of the big dapples on a fawn's coat.  If you see one against a plain background, the pattern looks bold.  But if the fawn is curled up on the forest floor, you can almost step on it before you see it.

And so here's the introspective bit.  My public personality is uber-cheerful.  I talk a lot, even to strangers in elevators.  Most acquaintances like me.  But inside that protective coating lives a very private person who can be content with books and her own company.  Not unlike the frog, I guess.  Although I doubt frogs read a lot.


  1. my husband is an introvert by every test he takes and by his own account, but everyone who meets him thinks he's an extrovert. i suspect you have a lot in common. ;)

    great shot.

  2. I had to read the words to realize what it was, the entire time squirming for fear it was a snake.

    I too am one of those masked introverts. No one whose met me would peg me as introverted but I crave solitude whenever I can possibly get it even though I love people and am outgoing when I do find myself out and about.

  3. I once had a little frog in my throat.

  4. Reminds me of the icky hornworms/caterpillars I just picked off my parsley this weekend. Gave me the creeps. Even my pondfish wouldn't nibble at 'em. So gross.