Wednesday, 23 March 2011


219/365  This is a view of the sidewall of Sabino Canyon in Tucson.  The tall spindly cacti are saguaro and when you are close to them they are very tall and not spindly at all.  I find it most improbable that these giants of the desert choose to grow on tiny rock ledges way, way up a canyon wall.  You pronounce the name sah wher o. Sort of.

220/3675  Here is a closer look.
221/365  You have to see this to really believe it

222/365  This is a barrel cactus - that has just finished blooming.  This one is about three feet tall.

223/365  Woodpeckers make holes in the saguaro and they and other birds nest in the holes.  I think there is a bird in the right hand hole - I took a series because the wretch kept popping in and out.  Thw hole was about twenty feet in the air.  Thank goodness for aperture priority.

224/365  A close up of the blossom bud on a cholla (choy ya).

Okay.  Fixed that, dearest of my critics.


  1. I should've made the prompt "prickly" just for you.

  2. amazing--quite a bit different scenery from what you are used to seeing. Great photo's.