Monday, 9 January 2012


My dashboard is back. I have no idea why this is so, but I am hoping the reason is that Blogger has fixed its glitch. I got here through Google Reader - I was looking through all the posts I missed over the Christmas rush and suddenly saw the Dashboard prompt where it should be. And voici. Or do I mean voila?

JG's 'Trail Cam' is still producing some amazing results, of which this one of the best.  The garbage pail contains deer ration.

I could crop the photo to remove the pail, if I could find my editing program. My computer seems to have eaten it and I haven't had the time or the patience to reload the whole suite.

I have, however, thrown away close to 2000 photographs to date. A good many of these were either doubles (triples, quadruples) or losing shots that should have been dumped immediately. I am feeling Noble. I am also feeling like an idiot - I had seventeen shots of a pileated woodpecker that landed across from the kitchen door. Fifteen were total losers, hints of bird seen through off focus leaves.

Second Resolution for 2012 - dump losing photos at once!

I am off to play with my new coffee making machine - it is almost a barista all on its own.


  1. That's a lot of photo's--way to go. The trail cam is catching some great shots.

  2. Yay for the return of the dashboard, and yay for the almost barista!

  3. Not that I should give you any excuses, but one of the reasons I would always end up with the equivalent of 15 blurred woodpeckers is that I hesitated to edit on the camera's battery because I was told that really sucks up the juice. Now, as long as I am not travelling (which is never), I edit immediately.

  4. Nice shot. Glad that, for whatever reason, you and Blogger are playing nicely together again. Could you perhaps have a chat with my printer?