Saturday, 9 February 2013


I seem to put up an inordinate number of posts about my daughter's animals. And (here we go), indeed, here is another one.

The YD is besnowed in Washinton, after a business trip, and we are cat-and-dog sitting. Yesterday morning, as the snow poured down, both JG and the animals took the morning off. Check the close-up to find Callee cat.

Last evening, all rested up, Callee cat was not inclined to have a nice nap while I worked on the scarf I am making for my grandaughter. When I sit in that particular chair, she figures it is cat petting time. Not reading, knitting or napping time for Mary. She has been known to pat my face with a scimitar-equipped paw, if I try to do anything but pet her.

 The start of the scarf - four repeats needed.

 Need a good caption for this - something like ' wool is catknip, isn't it?' Only better.

So, poor grandkid will have to wait a little longer for her scarf.


  1. As I write this, my cat is kneading my hip with rather aggressive claws.

    What a lovely home!

  2. How dear! The Non-Cat pet is very tolerant to let its feet be warmed by Callee.

    You're lucky Callee allows you to do anything while she is on your lap. Piper and Marlowe absolutely forbid me to do anything when one or the other is ensconced on mine. I cannot read, take a call, and am barely permitted to chat or sip a drink.