Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Touring in Tel Aviv

 This is a composite view, taken from the Eretz Israel Museum, of downtown Tel Aviv, city of highrise hotels and flats.

 These are two views of the Tel Aviv shore from our hotel, on successive days. The first is a telephoto at sunset to show the surf at the breakwater.

 And this is two days later, with the wind down (some), showing an intrepid parasailor, squeezing out the last minutes of daylight.

 There is a wonderful brick walkway all the way from the modern harbour to the ancient harbour of Jaffa, the seed from which modern Tel Aviv grew.

I walked this promenade from the hotel to Jaffa and back, about two kilometres and explored the winding streets and height at Jaffa. Here are some photos from that walk.

From the hotel beach. The promentory in the distance is Jaffa.

Partway. The spray from the surf was breaking over the path ahead of me.

The start of the Jaffa wall with the bits of stone marking the very narrow harbour entrance just showing to the right of the buildings.

Looking back along the beach I had walked.

Part of the old Jaffa wall.

From the park at the top of Jaffa's hill.

And that is as far as the edits go today. Next installment includes Mary as a blue float in the Dead Sea.


  1. Nice pix. What a great trip. Was there an occasion, or had you always wanted to go there and finally had the time?

  2. The second, although the timing was set by the YD having to go there for work. When she finished, we had ten days to holiday. It worked well, except when Jerusalem closed a lot of things to accommodate Pres. Obama.

  3. Oh, my, that is beautiful. I was in Israel, but I was only 6, and remember little, which saddens me.

  4. Wow! So exciting. You got some gorgeous photos! I look forward to seeing more.

  5. Lovely pictures, and what a fantastic place to visit! I'm looking forward to more pictures.

  6. I was very pleased to see the photos of Jaffa and to get the general feel of the place because I used to work with an Israeli woman who later went back to Jaffa.
    Looks a lovely place.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. Awesome. I saw tons of pictures from Holly Scheib's trip to Jordan a year or so ago - really made me want to go.

    I forgot that the reason I was keeping my FB account open was to play scrabble, and I deactivated it. Sorry :( The place in my brain that keeps passwords is apparently not accessible right now, so I'm not going through the machinations to reopen it.