Wednesday, 30 October 2013

He who dies with the most toys wins.

 JG is certainly right up there at the top of the most toys list. This is one of my favourites. We used to rake the leaves on our 'fields' mostly by hand, or chop them up with the mower. Now JG uses this and I can just clean up the edges. The rock in the centre of this photo is the platform we use to put out corn and other goodies for the deer.

These photos were on the game camera we have installed beside the deer feeding station. I am adding alast shot taken from the deer feeding station back toward the house to show you how much grass JG maintains. It does happen to be a winter shot, but I assure you that not a leaf remains under the snow cover.
There is still a good bit left to be picked up this year. But I have got the plants all sorted.


  1. Here now, one of my farmboy students once said that city people were dumb to rake leaves because they all seemed to be gone in spring.

  2. Right.
    Raking them does help to keep down infeststions of mice wintering under the snow. and provides, ouch, good exercise. Right?

  3. that would be my favorite toy too if I had that much lawn to maintain :)

  4. Here, if one has that much lawn, you can rent a herd of goats to munch it down. One farmer even rents out his sheep. Too bad your big grand-dog has no fondness for grass.

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  6. That is a great *toy* to have about the place. It wouldn't even fit in my tiny garden! I would like a hand held one as I do get lots of leaves!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May