Friday, 26 December 2014

A Fine Christmas

A fine Christmas

There were, of course, the usual glitches. Some were funny, such as the fact that the tree has no lights and looks splendid in spite of the fact that I put my back out just before I had to climb the ladder to dress the top. Miss G’s lost presents turned up, in plain sight in the storage room, on Christmas Eve after I had looked for them for a week in vain. I am up to M on posted Christmas cards, and the rest of you will get them in January, perhaps. And I have most of the glitter off the carpet this morning. Not all of it, but most of it. And the sticky fingermarks off the microwave. The YD mopped off the kitchen floor last night. The ED packed the frig with unidentified storage boxes but they all fit in. I love my daughters. I really do. 

The setting. Callico Cat did not knock anything off the tree. (A few icicles were knocked down, but humans were responsible.) The dining room table is sturdy enough not to groan in spite of the load of food. The weather stayed reasonable (we will not talk about Christmas Eve fog) for those travelling to Grandmother’s house. 

The feast. The turkey was neither overdone nor underdone. We got the feast onto the table, only forgetting two minor items (one that was on the menu and one not), the pudding sauce finally thickened under my daughter’s firm hand, the buche, while ‘a disaster’ according to its makers, tasted so good that JG ate two large pieces. Finally, the daughters, bless them, did the clearing away, dishwasher packing and hand washing afterwards.

The gifts. The SIL liked his tie, I think, (it had a foot-long fish on it, for reasons best left unexplained), the big gifts were received with amazed pleasure (the eleven year old got a standard mixer that lives up to her expectations), and the surprises were. The biggest thrill, from my point of view, was the delight with which painted portraits of the cats and dog (done by a gifted neighbour on glass balls) were received. The YD did not figure out that the painting we gave her was coming*. And I managed to give JG something he could not manage to guess when he saw the box.

Best of all, Miss G’s giggles as she made the traditional faces to reflect in the mirror that backs the dining room buffet.

*The YD has a friend who does really fine paintings. There was one that she really admired that the friend was willing to sell. Miss G and I had a day in December when we made presents and ran errands to pick up presents. One of the errands was to pick up the painting. We went for tea with the painter and her spouse, got the painting, and I wrote up the day on the internet, including the tea which featured diving fruitcake and the painter’s dog. Then a moment of clarity occurred and I realized that not only must I edit out that story but also we all needed to refrain from mentioning the visit, lest the YD clue in. Painter and her husband (who made the amazing fruitcake) co-operated splendidly, Miss G kept the secret perfectly and I was the only goat, mentioning that it was husband’s fruitcake when we got a gift of a large (yeah!) piece on Christmas Eve. The YD did not pick up on that and the surprise was perfect. Phew.

The important things were all there. Laughter, pleasure, surprise, good food and good company. Even if Miss G pointed out at the dessert stage that I had not lit the table candle. Faces alight with pleasure supplied the lack.

I hope your day was as warm and wonderful. And may your New Year be merry and bright.

ps Here is the montage that the YD asked me to make to send to her friends about the portrait balls.


Hey,  I waant my portrait photo in here too! Purr! Callie


  1. Sounds like heaven to me. Family, love, food, love.

  2. All that and identical book gifts. Plus Divine (not diving) fruitcake. Autospell, you are a far from unmixed blessing and I am a dreadful proofreader sometimes.

  3. sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Here is hoping the year to come treats you just as well.

  4. It looks--and sounds--like a lovely Christmas. What wonderful likenesses on the Christmas decorations. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

  5. Although it's now March!!!!!!!! Was good to read about your Christmas! You set a lovely table.
    Loved the cat & dogs pictures by your talented neighbour on glass balls.
    Maggie x

  6. I thought I'd stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday.