Wednesday, 15 July 2015


The dog and cat have gone home after somewhat over four weeks with us. The grandkid has arrived (a bit of overlap) for a week and her friend will arrive Friday for the weekend.
I have not looked beyond next Monday.
This does mean, however, that the water bowls, feeding dishes, litter box and chew toys have been put away and I can police the field for bones. There is now a mini iPad and a pile of detective stories on the couch, various hats and shoes and bits and bobs enlivening the landscape, and lots of food at mealtimes.
Tomorrow is boating day. Lots of sandwiches, drinks and snacks. Worms.
Her bedtime, and mine.
Lovely to be needed.


  1. You sound busy but happy. We went up to the mill for tea on the Lawn yesterday, and you were mentioned. We're off to Perth Hospital for a routine visit today, and then I think we'll keep going to Murphy's Point. I've been wanting to get there for ten years now but have never managed.

    1. We'll wave as we boat by. I haven't stopped for a while but it is great scenery from the water.

  2. I LOVE reading about your sentiments! Keep 'em coming! Lots of love from Maberly!

  3. Kelley, we sure did. The frog count was seventeen, I think, in one morning.