Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Adding Insult to Injury

This happened yesterday, May 12th, in the middle of the afternoon.

After I spent the morning at the Emergency at Perth Hospital getting a diagnosis of arthritis in a swollen and painful wrist. The dominant hand, of course. My poor husband, who had to drive me to the hospital, spent the morning in the car as he was not allowed in, not being a patient. Patience was thus enforced. I will say for the fine young doctor in the Emergency room that I am back to being able to type today, after he prescribed for me and showed me an Xray of the wrist that he categorized as one of the worst cases of arthritis he had ever seen. 'You must have used it a lot' he said, cheerfully. 


  1. Hopefully the weather nonsense is behind us. It has not been fun.

    Sorry about the arthritis says this fellow sufferer. Oh those knees.

  2. First of all, let me say I'm sorry about your arthritis. I hope you get some relief from medicine and therapy, whether at home or by a professional.

    Secondly, we got the same weather here in NEO. THANKS AGAIN. It was record-breaking in that it was the latest calendar day of measurable snowfall in the greater Cleveland area. It was quickly followed by not only a freeze warning, but high winds and a thunderstorm warning. I would wish mightily to hibernate and wake up only when ALL of this is OVER.

  3. Hand is improved, as is weather. But. Always but. Blackflies are here.

    1. Could be worse--remember the Murder Hornets are in North America.