Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Painted Mapole is making up and organizing the Monday Missions this month. She's got a great post up with a neat take on horoscopes. And when I put this post up, I forgot to link to the site. I hereby award myself a blogger blooper award, and am contemplating what kind of hind end to put into it.


Sign: Chicken

Moon Alert:
Whatever phase of the moon it is, it's wrong for planting something.

Star Chart:
That's a falling star, not the whole sky, for pity's sake

Monday's Horoscope

The signs are clear that you will find something to worry about today. Do not make important decisions until after you have read at least two more horoscopes. Try not to bite off that last fingernail until after 4:00.

If your birthday is today:
You share it with Chicken Little, Mrs Bennett and The White Rabbit.

Two of the several sides of my brain are nagging at each other -- I am sure this happens to you from time to time.

Right Brain: That horoscope sucks. Were you trying to be funny? Pretty lame.

Left Brain: You were supposed to help -- you're the one with the creative creds, after all. Anyway, it may not be very funny, but you should think about it. It's your horoscope, worrywart.

RB: That's not funny either. I'm not like that.

LB: Oh? And who's been fretting about her daughters all week? For pretty silly reasons.

RB: Was not, either.

LB: Was too. Did the YG not end up getting exactly what she wanted?

RB: Well, yes, but……….

LB: And hasn't she fallen on her feet, just the way she always does?

RB: I guess so.

LB: You know so. Stop trying to wiggle out of it. You spent a whole two weeks fretting about nothing. Didn't you?

RB: Uh, yes.

LB: So have you learned anything?

RB: I guess, maybe.

LB: And you're going to stop doing this stuff, right?

RB: Well, I thought I might phone Little Stuff's mom and just see how ………..

LB: Hopeless. You're hopeless!


  1. ha ha! I love it! Very funny (and, um, way better than mine) I'm interested to see what the other folks do with this crazy horoscope post Monday Mission. We shall see. I will put you into Mr. Linky on my post. Thanks for playing along!

  2. "brains" have conversations like that all of the time. Very cute!

  3. Deliciously clever, all of it. And I am glad to her that YG got what she wanted.

  4. Glad to hear that there's some resolution.

    This WAS funny. Tell your right brain to go take a flying leap...or a nap.

  5. That was clever. And funny. I tend to be a worrier, too. Perhaps my rising sun, or some such, is Agitarious.