Thursday, 6 September 2007

I've just spent some happy time editing my photos from Vancouver Island. Gritting my teeth and throwing out some of the repetitions and bad focus: straightening crooked horizons (bad photo technique!) and cropping. I am really sloppy with a digital camera, mainly because I know I can do all of this, and so I take shot after shot and then have to discipline myself. I do put the originals on a disk and file them since I once had a virus that ate a year's worth of .jpg files. I also have every negative I ever shot with film. Packratitis, bad chronic case. Anyway, here are the best of the sunset shots. Something to cherish.

Peach Sunset

Red Sunset

Sunset Reflections

Sand Beach Sunset

Water Pattern Sunset


  1. Beautiful shots. Sadly, I, too, suffer from that disorder. I have found no suitable cure yet.

  2. That first shot -- stunning.

    They're all lovely, though.

  3. these are breathtaking. i like peach sunset best.

  4. Stunning! Gorgeous! Frame-able, every last one. :)

    Thank you for sharing those.

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