Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sixth of the Sixth

Motherbumper handed out a general tag for this meme. Pick the sixth picture on your computer out of the sixth folder. Post and explain. Tag five people.
My 66 is not actually my shot. My daughter took it -- she lives in the city and therefore gets cardinals overwintering. This poor guy was obviously bummed by all the snow. Canadian winter after all. He shoulda migrated.
just making it up as i go,
Painted Maypole -- but not until you have time, okay?
alejna at Collecting Tokens - you have to see the video's she's got up!
Mary Murtz at The Eleventh -- after the peanut butter is licked off your fingers.
and you!


  1. Ah, I guess I'll have to play along. You are the second person to tag me on this one!

    Your photo makes me feel like we should start feeding the birds again.

  2. Mary! Do you know how many times I have tried to photograph a cardinal since I moved to Upper Canada? About 40 trillion times. I'm coveting this photo. This is a fun meme :)

  3. we get cardinals here year round - they are our favorites, after the hummingbirds. ;) oh, and the hawk.

    This is actually the second time I've been tagged for this, AND I need some blogging material, so ... yay. thanks.