Sunday, 23 November 2008

Words, Glorious Words

As a fan of both Jabberwocky and Mondegreens, I love silly words. Lately I seem to have hit a goldmine of amusing combinations coming up in verification boxes. Here are some of them that I have collected this week.


Don't you think that they look naked? Don't you think they need definitions to give them some gravitas? Rather than hogging all the fun, (although I can't resist tagging woofsk as the utterance of a Russian dog) I am posting the list and offering you a chance to define a brand new word. Why should computer nerds and teenagers have all the fun?


  1. woofsk: What a Russian Wolfhound says.

    ospolit: a politician who advocates good bone-health practices.

    napo: what I want in the afternoon when I didn't get enough sleepo.

    unpro: Someone who does things uprofessionally. "He put that desk together like an unpro."

    (Mary, would it surprise you to know that I also recently started collecting word verification "words"? Two that I have noted so far are repaters and cardshin. I think repaters must be toupee designers. I'm not sure what a cardshin is. )

  2. One of my verification words of the week (no joke): cheaptea.

  3. i think they are longing for a POEM, and you're in luck, as that is one of the Monday Missions in December, per your suggestion. ;)

  4. Oh, Mary G. You are fantastic!

    That first one, FOCKO, is actually a vintage word.

    When my brother was little, he suffered from a severe pacifier addiction. He coined his pacifier, "FOCKO" and would routinely scream this word at the top of his lungs: from the front of the grocery cart, in my mother's lap at church, after flinging it from the stroller at the mall...

    You can imagine the looks...

  5. conciphe--(KON-se-fee)--the smallest word that can be used for a purpose. i.e.--Rather than call herself a "resident domestic goddess", Mrs. Cleaver can simply use the conciphe "housewife."

  6. Damn, you lot are good! Loving it. How about 'tedreg' -- a set of regulations for your stuffed bear, perhaps?