Monday, 5 January 2009

A Crystal Ball

Madame Caramelcorn, turban feathers quivering, gazes deeply into her crystal ball and sees....snow.
Oops. She has grabbed her granddaughter's snow globe by mistake.
Madame Caramelcorn sets off on a frantic search for her own crystal ball and finally finds it packed away with the glass balls off the Christmas Tree.
Deep breath, meditate, try again.
Madame C, turban feathers by this time bent a little out of shape, gazes deeply into her crystal ball and sees.........dust.
She uses her feathers to clean the ball. By this time the poor things have definitely seen better days.
Humming a little tune to calm herself, Madame C tries again. Gazing deeply into the ball she finds evidence that she has been having a bad morning.
Obviously, the ball is in reverse. After a lot of fiddling around, she is able to flip the tiny switch on the base and turn the ball to fast forward.
Madame Caramelcorn glares into her crystal ball. What does she see? Is the world going to hell in a hand basket? Will the Canadian Juniors win the World Championship? Will the first day of school go well? Will she learn what she actually has in the freezer under the layers of frost? Will the price of oil go up?
No. Not one of these truly vital pieces of information is revealed to her.
Madame Caramelcorn sees ... a forecast of snow.

This is a Monday Mission, a fun writing exercise managed by Painted Maypole. Go to her site to see what all of the participants have done.


  1. ahhh . . . a true prediction! 'tis the season for snow and dust.

  2. lol - no snow here EVER but dust - we do dust!! Well done. :)