Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Missing -- a Few Brain Cells

I was slated to drive into the city today to go to a meeting that I considered quite important. I could have hooked into a telecast of it, but I really like to have the paper documents in my hands so that I can write on them. (Old habits die hard.)

When I woke up to news that the school buses had been cancelled and that a major snow dump was forecast, I decided to forget the hour+ drive into a city clogged by bus strike traffic and enroll for the podcast. And so I phoned the contact number and asked to be included.

After a short, polite delay, I was informed that the meeting was yesterday. And when I looked at my calendar, there was the Tuesday circled.

I think I need a cup of coffee and a new brain.


  1. I have been laughing since I first dropped by--we are kindred spirits! My mind often leaves me.

  2. Shall I list how many times this type of thing has happened to me, so you don't feel so bad. These are just a few examples: There was the time a year ago when i showed up a day late to a birthday party my son had been invited to. I SHOWED UP AT THE DOOR a day late. I cried. Last week I missed my service appointment for my van on Monday. I called them on Tuesday and rescheduled for Friday. I then proceeded to miss the appointment on Friday... It was not a good week :(

  3. Oh, crap. But it's okay. Really, it is.