Thursday, 16 July 2009

What to Wear - A Wearing Prospect.

If political correctness matters in these matters, I might say that I am sartorially challenged. If you want it straight up, I'm a frump. I wear pants( with Lycra) a size too big because they are comfortable, my sweaters are all from the twentieth century, mostly cotton knit crew necks in plain colours. I start off wearing them to go somewhere and as time goes on they get demoted to housework sweaters and then to working in the bush sweaters. Sometimes I get them mixed up. My shoes are, um, sensible and they all need cleaning. Add white cotton undies and short, straight hair that gets attention once a day. Add glasses. Add wrinkles. Add a lot of wrinkles. However, I should confess that I have always dressed like this from my teens on up.

Every once in a while the YD tries to smarten me up with a handsome Christmas gift sweater that fits and has no pulls or bleach marks. And while she is living in the States, when I visit her I have access to the Coldwater Creek store where I can find clothing in my size that I actually like and look okay in. Sadly, the brand can be accessed in Canada only by catalogue and if I don't try something on before I buy it, the result is not good.

A few years ago my husband sent both daughters out to buy me a smart black suit. Since he did not like what they chose, I took it back to (wait for it) Holt Renfrew and changed it for what I thought he would like. Unfortunately this took place during the post Christmas Great Return and I had to settle for trousers and a jacket that, while both black, do not quite match. I wear this suit a lot and each time the mismatch annoys me. However, the husband likes it.

When the YD changes locations she winnows down her wardrobe a lot and I get some of the rejects, which are all beautiful garments, quite formal, that I wear when I am being Chair Of The Board, things like a pale pink wool jacket and a silk pant suit. The Elder Daughter has given up and gives me pajamas. I like pajamas. I like cotton knit, smooth or fuzzy, in pretty colours with flowers -- the kind of fabric that I think I would look silly wearing in daylight. My night time attire is actually pretty snappy.

A few years ago I bought a very smart summer suit - slim black pants and a black and white flowered jacket. With Lycra, of course. This outfit has been to every wedding, dinner, shower and event the family has held in summer for several years. Even I cannot justify another summer in it. And I have another great niece getting married in August. I needed something to wear to her wedding. The prospect did not enchant.

Earlier today I went into a local store and tried on (shudder) a dress. The last time I wore a dress was to my father's funeral in 1997. The size I thought I would take would not zip up. The hem length looked weird to me. I bethought me of the trauma of buying and wearing sheer tights. I headed off to the separates rack. And there I found a lovely chiffon top in black and white that fits and looks fairly decent on me. I quickly bought it. It has ruffles, which will annoy JG no end, but they are very small ruffles. I tried to find a pair of white trousers to go with this but the plain flowing ones that suited the top were only available in cream and looked terrible. I am going to have to go to the city and spend an afternoon in a shopping mall going through all the white pants until I find a pair that 1.) fit and 2.) complement the top.

To say that I am not looking forward to this is a tiny bit of an understatement. I wonder if my white jeans would do. Hmm. No, probably not, eh? Why couldn't the girl just elope, for goodness sake. And I have to buy a wedding present as well. There is no politically correct way to express what I am feeling.


  1. I loved your sentiments and "resemble" them myself :)

  2. You always look marvelous ... don't worry about a thing. (And come in early to go shopping)

  3. Mary, I don't know if I've told you this before, but I often marvel at how similar we are. I feel like we are kindred spirits.

    I do not envy you your task of hunting pants. (I love pants writing, loathe pants shopping.)

  4. ha ha

    at least you know yourself and your style! ;) and with that smile, who cares what you're wearing?

  5. You and I are so similar on this front! And my YD is already trying to smarten me up. I actually wore high heels two weeks ago, for the first time in years when I wasn't required to for a wedding, at her request.

    But I do not envy you your afternoon in the mall. Still, it gave me no end of a thrill to see your lovely smiling face in that photo!

  6. Mad here, not signed in b/c I am not reading blogs don'tcha know?

    Stretchy pants R us. That's my motto.

    Am also killing myself laughing b/c my YD made me wear high heels to a wedding this summer even though ortho sandals are my de rigeur footwear.

  7. Oooooh, if you play your cards right, you could get abducted by Stacy and Clinton from TLC's, What Not to Wear! No matter how you slice it, it's still free stuff and a trip to NYC.

  8. A plain straight skirt?

    I wear jeans and a black shirt almost every day, myself...