Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Grama's Newest Baby

As of tomorrow morning, I am looking after the YD's little darling.  And here she is.

Meet Shamwari, Shammy for short, a golden doodle.  A large furry baby of a dog, with a wistful face and a need to be close to her mistress at all times.  The YD goes to the washroom?  Shammy is trying to peer under the door.  The YD goes off in her car?  Shammy has one eye and one ear out for the car until the YD comes back.
However, in the meantime, if she cannot have her mistress, Grama is next best.  She settles down on her favourite piece of the living room carpet (as shown) and keeps the other eye and ear on me.  If I get up, she watches to see where I go.  The tail is tucked between her legs, the eyes even more wistful than usual.
As soon as she hears the car, up she pops, the tail goes up, and she heads for the door.
Tomorrow the YD has to go into the city and get a lot of paperwork done.  She is going to spend the night at her sister's house.  Shammy is staying here. I hope I can be an adequate substitute for the Beloved for a day and a half.
Wish me luck.

4:30 pm.
There is a new game, chez G.  It seems to be a version of hide and seek.  Mary opens front door and wants Shammy to come in.  Shammy runs around the house and hides.  Mary closes front door.  Shammy comes up onto porch.  Mary opens door.  Shammy runs around house and hides.  Mary opens back door.  Shammy runs around ............ do dogs giggle?  Because if so, this one is giggling.
She is now in the house, courtesy of JG.  Still giggling.


  1. You will do just fine. Of course, she would be happiest sleeping on your bed ...

  2. That's one dog that I'd find hard to resist.

  3. Beautiful and smart. I'll just bet by the time Shammy goes home that you will miss her dearly.

  4. Oh, he's sooo huggable!

    Stopping by to tell you how much I appreciate you and all you offer - through this site and the thoughts you share on my blog.

    Best wishes for a happy, peaceful, healthy 2010! HUGS!

  5. She's lovely. She has that poodle dependence thing. Both my brothers had poodles who were like that, too. You'll be all wistful and want one of your own after she goes home, though! Have a beautiful transition into 2010

  6. how cute--I watched a program on Animal Planet that feature golden doodle--she's beautiful.

  7. I think it's more of a snigger, but the sentiment is unmistakeable! (She is very cute, by the way)

  8. I am reading this as both doodles - big and little - share my lap. They sympathize with Shammy's concerns.

  9. She looks very snuggly and floppy. And like a toasty nap companion!

  10. She is beautiful, isn't she? Sounds like she was laughing!
    All the best for 2010. May it bring all that you would wish for yourself.

    Nuts in May

  11. she is a beautiful new baby.

    happy new year, Mary! :)