Sunday, 3 January 2010

Winter Weekend, Chez G

This was going to be a thoughtful New Year's post, but then the ED sent me some photos and I can't let this one go by without sharing.

Little Stuff got skis for Christmas.  She and her parents came out from the city for New Year's Day (lamb and Crême Brûlé prepared by YD and yes it was amazing) and she tried out her skis on the laneway.  Which curves.  Daddy and Grama stationed themselves on the edge to take photos; Mummy was acting as a ski lift.  On one pass, Little Stuff hurtled by, missing Grama by milimetres. 

Grama was, understandably, a bit shook up. Because while Grama would recover from impact, she is not sure her Nikon would. (In fact, I am signalling a near miss to Daddy, but it surely is as funny a photo of me as I have ever seen.)

The YD's furry baby has discovered a world of little animals living under the snow.  She has not caught one yet, but not for lack of trying.


  1. You need to get that photo of you blown up to poster size or something. It's hilarious

  2. that is a great picture of you--I'm glad the camera wasn't harmed in the skiing accident. Good times.

  3. What little animals live under the snow? Aren't they all hibernating now? My big fuzzy guy loves to smush his entire face into the snow and hold it there for a bit, then pop it out and smush it in another spot. It always looks to me like he's sniffing for things, but what?

    Love the picture, btw!

  4. That is a really funny photo!

    I love your hat, by the way.

  5. oh, that picture is hysterical! thanks for posting!

    looks like lots of winter fun. MQ has her fingers crossed for snow this week. it's actually cold enough, if we could just get some precipitation!

  6. Those pictures were real fun ones.
    Many thanks for that website for ice grips. I am going to get some.

    Nuts in May

  7. i LOVE the photo of you. i especially love that it is not your bodily self but your camera you're protecting. :)

  8. Mary, that picture of you is Wonderful. I want you to put it on a new Humour Blog called "Whatever Happened To Heidi?". Honestly, it is way past Outstanding. I am saving it to my desktop immediately. And kudos to you for publishing it.