Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ta Da! Indeed

Hauling the machine out of her hole at last!
The cripple is tied to the big machine!

An old 'Magic Carpet' has been tied under the frozen track.

Underway! The YD and Shammy follow behind to make sure the tow doesn't come apart.

On land at last!  JG hitches the cripple to the Kubota.

Ta Da!
She's home at last.


  1. Thank Goodness you got it safe & sound.
    Thank you for your helpful comments on my blog.

    Nuts in May

  2. Wow! what an adventure! Hooray for JG and the crew! Does she run?

  3. Hurrah! Now what? You put it by the fireplace to thaw?

  4. What kaye said - how long before it's functional again?

  5. The motor runs - it's a two stroke and very tough. But the track is still clogged with enough ice to sink the Titanic and if we were to put it in gear, the track would tear apart.
    We now have it sitting on a slope that gets sun most of the day and are hoping that the warm weather we are having will soften up the ice enough that we can clean the track. If this does not work, I guess the next step is to hook up a hose to the hot water and try to melt the ice out. We have three mild sunny days forecast; I will report progress.