Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Great Snowmobile Rescue....Day 3

It's finally out of the ice.  As you may note, the framework is sinking ever deeper into the muck underneath the ice.  And, for non snowmobilers, all the white stuff under the black part is ice.  Tomorrow's task is to chip some or all of that away so that the glob will be light enough to turn around (you can't haul a snowmobile backwards.)

Here's another shot, showing more of the muck from the bottom that splashed up when JG made the chainsaw cuts.  If you think the poor old machine looks bad, you should have seen JG.


  1. OMG. Talk about a major operation. I don't envy JG.

  2. Wow. That's a lot of ice stuck to it.

    Amazing that you and JG have managed to get it out that far. Good luck bringing it home!

  3. Poor snowmobile. It must feel so helpless, stung up there, encased in ice.

  4. An amazing amount of ice!
    Nice blog.
    Greetings from a baby boomer in Montreal, Canada.


  5. Holy crapola! Again, it's a good thing nobody went down with it. Stupid thin ice!