Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Photo Essays - Project 365.

I've just joined a crew that has committed to taking a photo a day for the next year.  The purpose is to change and enhance the way we see the world.  The rules are fairly loose - there will be a weekly theme word and the photos can be posted daily or in batches.  The home site is shown as a link in the right hand column.

Last week, however, I took over three hundred photos while vacationing with my family at a cottage on Lake Opinicon in the Rideau Canal system.  I just have to use some of them.  One of the consistent challenges I set myself when photographing is to see if I can pick up contrasts in light and I also love reflections.  The sunsets from our cottage were gorgeous and I can't resist using some that came out fairly well.

And so - here is a sunset shot across Opinicon Lake.
In the series, this is 001/365.

It's clouds' illusions I recall,
I really don't know clouds at all.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors and the rippled reflection.

    I'm glad you'll be playing with 365 photo crew! (Me too!)

  2. I am hot and sweaty, having just come back from walking the pooch. Wish I could go back down to the dock for a swim (but will gaze longingly at your photo instead.)

  3. Oh Mary, that's just gorgeous; and what a way to start Project 365 off with a bang. The ratio of pink to blue is round about perfect.

  4. Beautiful! (Shouldn't it be sunrise, though, for this project? : )

  5. wow--looks like you're getting well aquainted with your new camera. Looking forward to seeing your project unfold.

  6. Nice to meet you Mary! Looking forward to the next 364!

  7. In the Zurich Kunsthaus, there's a painting that looks exactly like a photograph. This is almost the reverse: a photograph with such smoothness, it reminds me of the surface of Dali's paintings.