Saturday, 31 July 2010


We are looking after the YD's dog this weekend while the YD careens down rock filled rivers - not something that her very timid pooch would appreciate.  It's not a hard job, Shammy sitting, because Shammy spends a lot of time sitting.  Well, more accurately, she spends a lot of time lolling around in the shade of the maple trees in our front yard or lying like a heap of grimy wool on the living room carpet.  She does not snore and you can easily step over her to get out to the screen porch. She sleeps in.  A model dog guest.

The squirrels do not like her.  They cling to tree branches and chrr away at her; she pays no attention at all.  If you throw her ball for her she will bounce after it, grab hold of it and refuse to give it up.  If you suggest a walk, she will pad along for a while but soon lose interest and return to her nice soft grassy spots.  Obviously, she is missing the YD who plays with her, runs with her and provides her with water to swim in and other dogs.  I don't do the running bit, nor does JG.

What does attract her attention is nice shiny bowls full of kibble or cold fresh water.  As long as said bowls appear in regular progression, she seems content.

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  1. Beautiful shot. The light and the colours are lovely.