Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Shades of Grey #2

I love to play with photos almost as much as I love taking them.  The 'grey' prompt is, for me, an invitation to get out the photo editor and have fun.

I do have another grey squirrel shot, though.  I was really torn between the two of them (see post below this one) but went with the other one as the model was in coffee pot mode.  This shot is at extreme telephoto, hand held.  I love my camera.

I hauled out several shots from earlier exercises and played with them.  Moved them to grey scale, inverted, played with the intensity and generally had fun.

102/365 inversion.  Should have cleaned the background here.

103/365 geranium.

104/365  pond scene

I also wanted to show you where the squirrel shots were taken.  Little Stuff and her dad have turned their back yard into a bird restaurant.  The squirrels, while not invited, are also ubiquious.


  1. Squirrels do manage to worm their ways into bird feeding areas. Les pesky than the starlings and grackles, however.

  2. oh, i like number 104. *really* like.