Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring is Whooshing In

There is a mad April wind whirling around the yard, melting the snowbanks as I watch (and revealing lots of stuff I will have to police off the grass), whipping the trees to frenzy, drying the mud and the YD's dog's bed.  As the clouds race by the sun flickers, strengthens, pales to shadow and returns.  And here I am at the computer.  Still. Again.

About the dog bed?  We are dog sitting again.  The YD's dog is a sweet but contrary 'Doodle' mix, with a long, wavy white coat and a puzzled expression.  She moves from the inner city where there is no yard for her and all her expeditions are supervised walks to our acreage where she can go and do what she pleases.  What she pleases seems to encompass, mostly, staying outside. 

She refused to come in last night and so we put her bed and water out on the front porch for her.  The edge of the porch is mostly shielded by a big roof overhang, but last night the rain blew in and when I looked out this morning there was a wet dog, a wet bed and, to make everything perfect, evidence on her no-longer white sopping wet fur that she had stuck her head into the bottom of the incinerator.  She had the grace to look sheepish - wet sheepish at that.
Her majesty finally deigned to come back inside about noon and I am now letting her dry off before tackling her with a brush and carding comb to see how much mud I can remove.
Meanwhile, I have stuff done for my Thursday meeting, but not for two of the three I have scheduled for tomorrow.

Pause there while some dog brushing took place.  I got some of the muck off - I now think she may have rolled in something lovely and muddy, but there is definitely soot in there too.  Luckily she likes being brushed. The dog hair blows downwind as fast as I brush, and I envision some deliriously happy bird or small animal lining a nest with it in due course.

The lids all just blew off the trash containers downstairs.  This is a strong wind.  And, yes, it is a west wind.  The birds are not crying, however.  I suspect they are hanging on to branches with beak and claw, muttering to themselves.


  1. Poor Mom ... and poor dog. I hope that there was some love and cuddles involved (for both of you?) And yes, I owe you.

  2. Poor doggie out in a gale all night. Hope she learns by the experience & comes in the house tonight.
    She won't want to go home, will she.... with all that excitement!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. We've had quite a few extremely windy days within the past week or two. I wish they would pick up and blow the sticks OUT of the yard!

    Our dog (a black Std. poodle) has been rolling a lot, too, just for the sheer joy of it. I am happy that she is unlike our previous dog, who would seek out smelly stuff to perfume herself. That brushing job must've been quite a chore for you. I hope your granddogger is good to you for the rest of the visit.

  4. I hope the dog is feeling better--sounds like quite the storm.

  5. Cuppa picked today to begin biking -- the cycling kind of biking as opposed to the biker kind of biking -- thank goodness.