Monday, 3 October 2011

Grumping my way through my day

It has been one of those days. Rain, fog and dull light for one thing, not a propitious start. A meeting that went on too long and where nothing solid seemed to get accomplished. Lunch at our post meeting restaurant where we ordered soup that sounded wonderful and wasn't. More rain.
Then I went into my shopping town to get groceries and run errands. There are repairs being carried out on the highway that borders the town. Grooved pavement, ledges and bumps, verges masses of mud and pylons everywhere. I got through that and navigated off into the heart of down town where my bank crouches amid inadequate parking and too much traffic. Lo and behold, the bank parking lot is under construction and so is the street beside it. I had to park several blocks away and trek back through the mud and machinery. And the rain.
So befuddled was I by all this that I drove almost back to the highway before I remembered that I had to return my library books -- the library also being right down town. Reverse. Back into the scrum.
Having finally torn myself away from the library, the next job was the groceries. My grocery store parking lot was ALSO all torn up and under construction. I had to park on the far side and plod back through the muck and machinery again.
The grocery store is also undergoing a massive renovation. No one can find anything, making for lots of grumpy customers moving slowly along looking for stuff or standing in the middle of the aisle looking for stuff. The new layout has separated the lactose free milk from the rest of the milk by the length of the aisle and rejigged all the staples. The spice I wanted wasn't there. The soup I wanted wasn't there. And after struggling through all of this I had to hump the groceries back across the whole rain-swept parking lot. And go back to get wine - in Ontario you have to buy wine at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario store.
Then to the pharmacy for some stuff for JG that they didn't have. Then to pick up some esoteric part for a chain saw that had, by some miracle, just come in by the courier truck. Then I got to go home through ever thickening mist.
Oh, yeah, one of my credit cards got rejected. I do not know why and I have not had the strength to phone yet. That I have on the list for tomorrow.
What do you do after a day like that? I curled up in my reclining chair with a blankie and dozed. The stalwart man I married started supper and made the salads, or I would still be there.
It is supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Oh, yeah ......... the stockmarket had a bad day too.


  1. Sorry you had such a crummy day! Nothing worse than mud, construction, and disappointing soup.

    I hope tomorrow is brighter (or that you can at least stay out of the muck, cozy and warm).

  2. It doesn't look any better this morning, so I hope you plan to stay close to home.

  3. That is a normal day in my hometown lately. Every single road out of town is under construction, and our bridge is out. We are bounded by a river, so our options are limited. We cannot get anywhere! We've had rain, rain, rain for over a week, and my furnace has been pumping heat for days. It's freezing! At least I am well-stocked with wine, and Ontario wine to boot! (What did you get?)

    Better days to you.