Friday, 22 April 2016

It’s a strange time to be a Canadian when our Prime Minister is spending his time boxing for the cameras in New York. Not that we should be surprised, I guess. Trudeau Senior spent a lot of time showing off his athletic prowess to an admiring world. But in his case it was, as I recall, diving,

canoe paddling and the occasional pirouette that he displayed for his eager fans. Nothing that would addle his bulging brain. Boxing seems to be in a different category and Trudeau Junior was not, in the photos, wearing a headpiece. Maybe it would have interfered with the pretty pictures.

I find myself wishing that Himself would stay home now and again and do some work instead of flitting around the globe getting himself photographed. Who is minding the store, one asks oneself, while the PM is getting himself onto the cover of yet another magazine. 

Who is smacking the Senate into some kind of order. Who is preventing novice Cabinet members from making fools of themselves at fundraisers and other festivities. Who is making Dion make up his multi-layered mind. What are they even calling that department now? Global Affairs or something. I cannot keep up with even the cosmetic changes while hoping that the legislation the Liberals promised in so many areas will turn out to be better that the sad mess they are making of the assisted suicide bill. Better not get started on that topic.

Meanwhile I do not even want to hear about what the Provincial Liberal (just typed Liberass by mistake as I am breaking in a new keyboard) government is doing today. Much as I admire Wynne as one tough woman. For my American friends, she is the Premier of Ontario (all the provinces have their own legislatures, and a premier is the equivalent of a state governor), an open lesbian and the winner of a majority in the last provincial election, winning in spite of the mess her party and the former leader of it had made in the previous mandate. Talk about deficits. No, another topic you do not want me to pursue.

Back to Monsieur Photo-Op. I guess at least if he is boxing he will have a mouthpiece in his mouth and not his foot.


  1. Not much. I was brought up Liberal, and still consider myself liberal, but Junior sets my teeth on edge, as you have seen.

  2. Right now, he is doing the Public Relations part, I guess. Setting Canada's new Image around the globe and making sure everyone in the world knows what he is about.

    You are in much better shape than we in the US are. We are either A) a laughingstock because of all the Trump support, or B) genuinely feared because of the spectre of a Trump presidency.

    I am C) ill because of both and planning on leaving Cleveland during the convention.

  3. Love your last paragraph! Not that I know that much about Canadian politics (we certainly have a lot of mudslinging going on in our own houses of parliament!).
    We have our own multi local elections this coming week and then in June The Referendum ....Europe in or out!
    Maggie x