Thursday, 29 March 2007

May I borrow a cup of labels?

Slouching Mom (who has a great blog, by the way) directed my attention to the fact that my links weren't working, probably because I had pasted the URL in with a double http reference. I checked my list of other blogs and found that this was true and corrected them. This morning it hit me that the links inside the posts were probably faulty as well. I have just spent far too long correcting some of those. Grr. I guess whoever set up the new Blogger program thought it was helpful to put that it. Well, not to me.

My editing speed is super slow because my connection speed is not high. Living as we do at the end of a long muddy back road, we do not and will never have high speed cable. The area we live in is quite rugged and we are behind several hills that preclude our picking up a wireless signal overland. This leaves satellite. Which we now have and which makes me whimper each month when the bill comes in. The download speed is good, relative to the 24.6 we got on dial-up (picture me sitting in front of the screen with a cobweb draped from my nose to the monitor.) But the upload goes in bursts and if I try to send a big file I often get timed out. Since I do a graphics business out of the house, this remains frustrating, but at least I now only have to hand carry big stuff on disk one way back to the client. But digging into all the old posts, and waiting while they reload, gives the spider another chance.

As I looked at the older stuff, I realized that I was not making good use of the label option. The last section of Under the Mad Hat's blog on blogging talks about this. Of the various things she would like to see done, the rationalization of the post labels seems the easiest to undertake. So, I am wondering, what is the blog etiquette on this? Is it impolite to look at other people's labelling system and try to adapt some of it for one's own use? Is there anyone out there with more experience than my paltry month who is doing this? It seems like something worth pursuing.


  1. I think Mad's idea was a noble one, but labels are still far too idiosyncratic at this point. If you adopt someone's labels -- I don't know if that would be upsetting; I'd guess some would think so, some not -- it will be you and that person sharing labels, but still essentially the same situation.

    Not to be too cynical -- change happens at a snail's pace. It would be a nice gesture on your part, a nod to Mad, if you will, but not much more.

    And those are my two cents.

  2. Mary,
    I say make up the labels you want. Steal where you want. There are no rules. As far as my post's recommendation goes, I think that what is needed is a back end designed by someone with grant money to do it that would make sense of the labels we use. My advice: just try to be descriptive.

  3. Thanks, guys.
    What I figure on doing is look at the labels as I hop around the blogs, take note of clever uses of labels and how that relates to comments, and do a post every once and a while on what I am finding (with permission).
    Grant money. Sigh.
    The idea is, grama has time. That remains to be seen.