Friday, 20 July 2007

Grama is Rockin'

Early in July, Bon from Crib Chronicles, wrote this:

my online girlfriend, Ms. Redneck Mommy - i know, i know, she’s everybody’s online girlfriend, she’s an incorrigible flirt - flicked her sticky fingers wand and dropped a Rockin’ Girl Blogger award upon me. which, um, rocks, even though any non-hand-drawn picture of me would point out how the word “girl” becomes more of a stretch all the time. but i like my pretty new button, however i have to squeeze to get it over my hips, and have decided to continue stretching its use of the word “girl” by passing it along to a fine blogger who happens to be technically even further from girlhood than myself, but who rocks most indubitably. Mary, come on down. glad you’re out here adding your voice to the chorus.

This was absolutely lovely of Bon. Even though my grandkids would choke laughing. So I said to myself, "Wha??????" and went to look for the origins of this. Here is where it started.

Roberta Ferguson at Blogging Made Devilishly Simple said: Yeah, why not get out there and start a trend of sorts? I was happy to find that I was a SOB (successful outstanding blogger) from Liz Strauss and it’s little pieces of recognition like that, that sometimes keeps us going.
I’m starting something today, right here, right now. You get to be in on it. It’ll be fun and it will build us a community of one sort: girl bloggers. Or, better yet, “Rockin’ Girl Blogge
rs”. How do you like that? This one-time deal comes with a nifty badge as well: Know anyone that deserves this nifty award? Let’s make a ginormous list of rockin’ girl bloggers. I am going to tag some of the rockin’ girl bloggers that I read regularly. From there, they can tag some more rockin’ girl bloggers, and so forth. So, if you’re a girl or woman and you blog and you have to rock, then you’re in.

At BlogRhet, the topic under discussion is inclusiveness. There have also been some serious debates about tagging. (The one I'm citing here took place on Chani's blog, 'Thailand Gal', on June 3rd. I'm having trouble getting her blog to load so I am giving the site as well as trying to link to it. There are several conversations post June 3rd that are also relevant.)

The Rockin' Girl initiative really intrigues me, because I'm on the pro side of the tagging conversation. I think tagging can be a tool for including people if it is used correctly. I'm not being very correct about it, I confess, because Bon's tag to me was done in the first week of July and I am just now picking it up. I would love to know how far the 'Rockin' Girl' badge has spread and when, but don't have the time to follow all the links to find out.

If you have seen the button or been given it, could you please let me know when and where. In the meantime, I will keep on rockin' and I do not mean in my rocking chair with my knitting.

Thanks, Bon.

And, of course, I am supposed to pass it on. The trouble is, I want to see where it has got to without adding to it myself. So I'm going to hold on that for now. Anyway, everyone I read deserves one!


  1. you're very welcome, Mary.

    and very rockin', just for sourcing that whole history for us. :)

  2. you are a super rockin' blogger!

    i got it about two weeks ago from Flutter.

  3. Congrats to you!

    I got it.

    And you know what I wish?

    I wish on BlogRhet we'd post a Pro and Con of tagging side by side (so to speak).

  4. You know, I'm not very good at selecting people for awards, so when this honor was bestowed upon me, I just gave it to everyone, making it a free-for-all.

  5. Thanks for the info, gang. I find this interesting as to where it is turning up. If you see it on a blog I might not read, give me a heads up, please.
    Julie, you're on. :-)

  6. Finally got a chance to come by and see it. I also received one but didn't pass it on, although I thanked the person who offered it to me.

    If I had, I would have passed it along to everyone.

    Side-by-side would be interesting.



  7. Long live tagging!

    I just replied to your comment on my Harry Potter post - I'd love to hear more about your reaction to the allegory in LW&W. Do you find Rowling's subtler inclusion of Christian themes to be preferable to Lewis's allegory? Or is that equally sneaky?