Monday, 30 July 2007

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

I'm off tomorrow to join the elder daughter and family, and spend three weeks child minding while they work. In a glorious and remote location with beaches. Whee. I am told I will have access to a computer some of the time and so I will be able to keep up with you all, I hope. That is, I am going if I can explain to the baggage checkers at the airport why I have a suitcase full of marbles, beads, paints, a pint sized plush bear that growls, a nylon tent fly with rope, very few clothes and 12 paperback novels.
You think they'll let me fly?


  1. they'll let you soar! have a blast, mary.

  2. sounds kinda kinky... have a great time!

  3. The kind folks at Air Canada did not take away my toys. I have now had not only the regular flight, but also a flight across Vancouver Island in a Cessna at about 850'. Once in a lifetime! I am about to look at the pics and, hopefully, find one good enough to post.