Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Danier Leather is Blog Savvy

Like, Whoosh!

When I got home from a day of meetings, I found the following email in reply to the one I posted yesterday. And the letters are still sitting in my car because I forgot I was out of stamps. Now I'm embarrassed -- I should have posted the letters in the mail before I posted the letter. On the other hand, this is certainly one quantum leap faster than snail mail. I intend to phone Ms Trocki in between tomorrow's meetings (fundraising is still taking over my life) and will report back. But certainly this is a pretty comprehensive and courteous reply to my specific concerns.

Dear Mary,

I am responding on behalf of Jeffrey
Wortsman. Our customer service department and Mr. Wortsman himself, regularly check blogs to anticipate any service issue and we came across yours. Although we have not received your letter, we would certainly like to assist you. I would like to begin by apologizing for the level of service you received from our Kanata location. This is not the way we strive to do business. We would also like to thank you for taking the time in giving your feedback, it is important for us to hear from our customers for our growth and improvement. I would love the opportunity to redeem our company in your eyes. At your convenience, please contact me at 1-877-9danier to discuss this further. The district manager for that location, as well as the VP of Store Operations are aware of what occurred and will follow up with the store staff through coaching and

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards,

Annette T
Call Centre
Operations, Manager
Danier Leather Inc.


  1. how very nice of them. (and I'm sure they know they have an audience. Hello Danier people!)

  2. Blog Revenge is potent indeed. I'm glad you got their attention!

  3. HA! Bueno! I told you they trolled blogs, googling their store names!

    I am so glad you've now finally been serviced (so to speak).

    And the ones who care get in touch. This is very promising!

    Using My Words

  4. hey! that's great that they responded. i am anxious to hear what they say to you on the phone. . .

  5. I actually find it a bit self-serving that they troll blogs looking for their name. It makes me think that they wouldn't care a whit about you if you weren't making your issue public. I guess I'm still in the "yucky Danier" camp for now. Keep keeping us posted.

  6. They TROLL BLOGS? Hmm. I may have a few customer service issues I need to write about...

  7. If only I'd gotten a response like this from Johnson & Johnson when I complained about their baby lotion!