Monday, 17 December 2007

Ah, Winter!

Mid afternoon on Sunday
Monday morning

Here is a view of our laneway yesterday afternoon and another one I took this morning. I understand from the news that the 50 cm (over 1 ½ feet) of snow that fell on us yesterday originated in a storm mass in Texas. (Note to Julie -- next time you can keep it, okay? And I'll keep the 'arctic air mass coming down from Canada'.) Atlantic Canada is supposed to be getting it today, complete with freezing rain and wind gusts. It all fell as snow here -- the small grainy stuff that stiffens up quickly, for which I am sure the Innuit have a word. What our neighbourhood was calling it would probably be censored by Google.

Fortunately we are equipped for lots of snow. JG put the big auger on the tractor and was just starting to clear the yard when a neigbour pulled in with yet another, even bigger, tractor and punched a slot up our laneway. His son had been here earlier, having waded in to call home and say that he had stuck this big tractor by driving into a ditch he couldn't see. So I guess Dad took over. The family hires this big rig out to clear a lot of lanes in our neigbourhood and it takes a lot to get them stuck. I don't imagine Dad was in a good mood.

One of the YD's friends was wishing for snow last week to make the skiing better. He and Wendy went out Sunday to the Gatineau just as the worst of the snow dump hit Ottawa. The YD said that they broke trail for twelve kilometres, with the snow getting deeper and deeper, and then got stuck big time back in Ottawa trying to get into her driveway. There are lots and lots of storm stories.

Here's the problem, though. I have a shoulder high pile of snow all around the porch and steps. Where am I going to put the stuff the next time it snows? It's a long, long time until spring.
This should have been the Monday Mission. Sorry!


  1. Those are lovely pictures! Scenery best viewed from behind window in a cozy house with a warm mug of hot chocolate in your hand! We rarely get that much snow.

  2. How beautiful is that! Just gorgeous. Sigh.

    And that came from here? I ask is it a terrible rainstorm here with knocked out power that causes trees to fall and that gorgeous snowy wonderland there?

    Yes, please, more Canadian arctic air. Dude.

    Using My Words

  3. hmmm... a holiday list of things to make out of snow? ;)

    It may be a pain, but it sure is pretty.