Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wordy Wednesday -- Drat, and other expletives.

Okay, this is not my day. My links won't work. My computer has locked down completely. Twice. Bogger won't save template changes. Blogger saves template changes but stretches them. Blogger saves template changes in negative colour. Blogger keeps telling me to report these errors, but I have no idea --- NO idea, Blogger help -- as to how to report them.

I am not amused. This is not funny any more. My husband's underwear is all sitting in the washer and I do not dare leave the computer to go and put it in the dryer lest some other bloggy gremlin sneak in and fry something else while I am gone.

In fact, @#$%^&*****!!!

I am going to shut down and start all over again. After the underwear is dry. Too bad for the nice photo that was going to appear here today.

I should have labelled this post 'drinking', as in Blogger is driving me to.... At least the colour formatting is working.

Do other people have days like this, she whined?


  1. but your new header? i noticed it right away. lovely. you got it all to work eventually?

  2. Of course we all deal with that, have days like that. Doesn't make it less frustrating.

    Hope it improves.

    Using My Words

  3. What Blogger doesn't kill us, makes us strong.

  4. Sometimes it is rough--I've been having the same problem with a new header.