Wednesday, 5 March 2008

We got 20 cm of snow today. This is an antidote.


  1. Lovely antidote.

    I like winter, but I'm looking forward to spring.

  2. Will it help if I tell you of our sunny skies and 75 with breeze in off the bay? Azaleas and daffodils everywhere, and the lilies starting to come out?

  3. Oh Sage, so am I!

    Julie, when the heat and humidity are both 99 where you are, I am going to remind you of this cruelty.

  4. Just because of this photo we are going to get 50cm more snow this weekend. Gee, thanks .....


  5. We got 17 cm from the same storm, and now the very nice weatherlady has just said there is ANOTHER storm on its way.
    I know we live in the great white north....but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Sure hope the Easter bunny has snowshoes this year...i think he is going to need them!

  6. seeing this gives me hope and breaks my heart all at once--we are having a blizzard right now.

    excuse me while i go weep.

    Running on empty

  7. Indeed, here she comes again. kimberly anne and christine, take a look at
    which is the Environment Canada radar. We are expecting 10/15 cm tonight and 15/25 tomorrow. I am beyond tears and into stamping around cursing.
    YD, I will never post a tulip again before May 24th! Sorry.