Sunday, 30 March 2008

Monday Mission - Political Ad

Ecuse me, Ma'am, I wonder if I could have a minute of your time. I represent Cheshire Raccoon, who's a candidate for Chief Garbage collector in our fine town, in the upcoming election. I wonder if I could interest you in putting up a lawn sign for Chessie -- he's just such a perfect choice for the job. He's against bungee cords and metal pails, he encourages you to leave your recycle unwashed, he's never seen a green plastic bag he couldn't shred in seconds. He's a great old guy, he reall................
OUCH! You could have let me get my tail out of the door before you slammed it. The nerve of some people.


  1. ...wait 'til Julie see this! Given her history with Romeo, she's bound to love it.

    As do I.

  2. "More garbage, more often" could be the slogan of many a politician running these days...


  3. Chessie, you're a much better looking candidate than many that are running right now. We had some of your relations who we would feed every night at our last house - the parents would stay at the bottom of the steps and send the babies up to beg at the front door when they felt we were late with their food:)

  4. ha ha ha ha ha!


    love it! imaginative, as always!

  5. Cute!

    BTW, I have been trying to email you for days now and it keeps getting sent back to my inbox with a fatal error message.

  6. I think that guy's won our riding repeatedly for, like, 30 years.

  7. I had an experience with a raccoon like that a few years back. Totally cracked us up. We were sad when he stopped coming around.