Friday, 15 May 2009

We're hanging out at the YD's the last few days. Laundry is done and I have a lot more pics downloaded.
As follow.

Pronghorns. Is this a flock or a herd? JG is all confused, he says.

Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. See the notch on the right side? That is the start of the road that winds all the way to the top. You drive up on the outside. The scenery is fantastic if you can bear to look at it.

This is an extreme telephoto of JG at the bottom of the inside of the cone.

Same shot. Look at the left hand side of the bare patch to see a very tiny JG.

View from the top of Capulin. The tiny snow peaks in the extreme background are in the Sangre de Christos range.

This is Raton mesa, a major landmark on the Santa Fe trail. At least I think it is called that. My notes are really scrambled just here.

You've got to love the weather. And not a black fly or mosquito anywhere.


  1. Would you like to see pictures of my black fly bites? Would it make you feel even better? :)


  2. fun, fun trip! Your pictures of the volcano are so interesting. BTW they are Pronghorn Antelope and they group in herds. Males are Bucks, Females are Does and offspring are fawns. As a matter of interest antelope fawns are able to run at full speed minutes after they are born. They also are taught to lie very still for protection. We walked up on a some fawns tucked into the grass once. They didn't jump up and run until we nearly stumbled on them. Sorry for the "animal planet" moment--my mouth runneth over.

  3. i don't miss black flies at all, but I would take them over red ants any day

    and mosquitoes we have here in abundance.

    love the pix!

  4. The lack of mosquitoes is definitely one of my favorite things about the interior West.

    What a grand adventure you're having!