Monday, 25 May 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation- Monday Mission

Well, um, I am not going to get a summer vacation because I am having a spring vacation now. And I have been posting photos of the trip at some somnolent length.
And so, to satisfy the last MM before the summer break,

What I Did after My Vacation

When I got home from Colorado, I had to cut the grass. It was at least knee high in most places, and full of lovely dandilions, all gone to seed. The next thing I had to do was dust the house, and clean up the dead bugs from all the windowsills, wash the clothes we used on vacation and sort out what I needed to do for the CHC board. I shopped for food and restocked with perishables. Then I packed up again and headed for the yearly CHC conference in Toronto. I was not having fun.


We start home tomorrow. Goodbye beautiful Colorado.


  1. What a pity I live so far away or I could have popped over and helped out with your chores. What with me being so good at cutting grass and housework and stuff (!)

  2. I hope you have a speedy recovery . . .

    I posted today as well, but I'm having a lot of problems with blogger.