Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday Mission - Resumé

The Monday Missions are facilitated by Painted Maypole and links to other bloggers crazy enough to be doing this can be found at her blog.


  1. good luck to Eric Squirrel, he certainly has the qualifications for the job.

  2. LOVE the name ...Eric (the red) he he he

    as always, above and beyond. had to click on the images to read them, but definitely worth it! great names of the schools and courses. Eric, you're hired!

  3. Sorry, Eric. We've hired the moles that dug the Chunnel. We'll keep your application on file for three months.

  4. Maypole, sorry about the type size and fuzziness. It deteriorates when made into a bitmap.
    De, I think Eric would like to know if the moles have any openings. He has a mole friend who is sick of digging up my lawn and wants bigger things.
    kyooty, yeah, I know. Sorry.
    Kaye, the little sucker is out there every day.

  5. Just a word of advice to Eric. Last time I had a squirrel around I threw a shoe at him. Just sayin', a hard hat might be an asset.

    (The durned things raid my feeders!)