Sunday, 4 October 2009

A Recommendation

One of my favourite blogs is 'Nuts In May', a truly authentic and interesting voice. And a contemporary of mine, grandkids, bad back and all. Maggie put this post up about 'The Sunday Roast', and I thought some of you might be interested. Maggie herself was roasted here.

The rest of this post is a quote from Maggie's blog, explaining what the 'roast' is and asking for support for the new cook.

Some of you might well be thinking, "Whatever is this Sunday Roast?"
So for those who have never heard of it, I will explain quickly that David invited people to be interviewed via email, to use on his post every Sunday together with their picture.
Some of his questions were Why Do You Blog? What Is The Reason Behind The Blog Name? What Advice Would You Give To A New Blogger? He also asked what they thought was their most significant post on their own blog and why. Also what other blog had influenced or made the most impact on them and why.
These posts have always been really interesting to read and I have made some good blogging friends this way.
I was Roasted Last December just after Christmas. It was good fun, if not a little hot!
Eddie also wants these back numbers linked to his blog for others to see but if this is not possible, then you can always check them out at David's place.

Well Eddie hasn't as many followers as David has (getting on for 1000). Who could compete with that? Therefore, it has been decided that some of his followers would spread the word around so that readers will know that the Sunday Roast is still in operation. That is why I am writing this post that I will leave on my blog for a week or so, before I post anything else.

So my dear readers, if you enjoyed David's Sunday Roast, please would you post a similar notice on your blog to help promote the fact that it is still in operation and point them to Eddie Bluelights?
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if David didn't come over and have a peek from time to time.
Let's give him something to be really proud of....... a tradition that was started by him and that lives on.


  1. I'm impressed, that's quite an honor to be roasted by David. I've found a number of blogs I enjoy that way. You should post a link to your roast, I'd like to read it. David's going will leave a whole in the blogging community.

  2. Many thanks.... Mary G. That is just the job.
    If you all go over to Eddie's right now, you will see that he has linked all the old Sunday Roasts to his blog so you can catch up with all the back numbers as well as look forward to seeing the first of some new people being roasted next Sunday!
    Thanks for doing that.

  3. This is good news. I will miss David's interviews, but now will have Eddie's to look forward to.

  4. Thanks for the link -- I didn't even know this roast thing existed. How is that possible? I'm so out of it!!

  5. I can't find your roast - can you track back?

  6. YD thanks for the question; I have now clarified, I hope.
    Xup, it's a different group than the one we normally hang out in.
    Kaye, yes, he is.

  7. Thanks for the link. I haven't heard of the roast before, but I'll be sure to check it out.

  8. PS-love the picture in your header. Is that a Maple? Lovely.