Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Monday Mission Voicemail.

I've been slacking off on the Monday Missions; brilliantly hosted by Painted Maypole. I missed the poetry last week but am determined to do that challenge one day. The gang who did them had some real winners; follow this link to find them.

This week's mission is equally fun: we are to craft an outgoing voice mail message. Although no one is going to reach the level of the school in the Antipodes (providing that one was real), here is a try at it. If I were more tech savvy, I would try to do this with a real voice, but, alas, I have no clue how. So... an explanation. Our phone number is a repeating one, the local three digit code repeated once in whole and once in part, like this; 123-1231. We get a lot of wrong numbers.


You have reached 613 123-1231. No one is able to take your call at present. Here are your options.

If you have mis-dialed, we do not want to know about it. Try again, and concentrate, please.

If you are calling to tell us we won a large prize, we don't believe you. Go on to the next sucker.

If you are calling from the bank or telephone company to tell us about your great new plans and services, give up. We don't want them.

If you are calling to find out why Mary isn't at the meeting, hang up and wait a bit. She is late, as usual.

If you are calling to tell Mary about a meeting date, get in line or use email.

If you are calling to remind Mary about something she forgot to do, she knows, already.

If you are calling JG, he'll be astonished.

If you are the YD, we're probably busy eating.

If you are one of our vanishingly small number of friends, please leave a message at the beep. Oops, I guess this message is too long - the beep went a while ago. Sorry!


  1. If you are calling to find out why Mary isn't at the meeting, hang up and wait a bit. She is late, as usual.

    Love this!

  2. You guys have many friends - they are smart enough not to leave voice mails! (That is just for your long suffering daughter ...)

  3. I LOVE it, particularly "concentrate, please." he he. i may have to adopt some of these for our outgoing VM.

  4. Oh my, you are one busy lady. I think you covered everything. Very funny as usual.

  5. I love outgoing messages, anyway...I remember buying a couple of books once that had really clever ones, and I used to change them regularly.

    I forget which one was my may come to me later!

    Anyway, yours are cool!

    Mine is at

  6. of our vanishingly small number of friends!!!!!!!

    Nuts in May