Monday, 11 June 2007


I'm just back from another trip to see the MIL. We try to do frequent short visits. This trip I did some planting and garden tidying -- things that had been bothering her but that she didn't have the energy to attempt. She is also not driving, after the heart attack; this is the safest thing but she always has run her own errands on her own schedule and waiting to be taken is driving her nuts. She's really good for ninety and a few weeks past a major heart event, but…she's ninety and forgetful and wobbly and fretful. The son and daughter who live close by are bearing the brunt of this, while JG and I visit and worry. Not fun.

We do the drive down Highway 7, south to the 401 on Highway 37, 401 to 407 to QE and along it. I've been doing this drive for 45 years. I remember the overpass of the Welland Canal at St Catherines being built. Hundreds of trips over this route. I still enjoy it -- watching the seasons, following the series of beaver dams on 7, noting new houses on the Tweed section, seeing the season advance as we drive south and west, looking at the vines and orchards of the Niagara region. Checking out which businesses are still there and which are new or closed.

The most enjoyable bit is still quite new. When you drive along the 407 east to west there is a spot close to the eastern end where you look down and out across the whole of Toronto and you can see the downtown skyscrapers and the CN tower. Most times it's hazy, sometimes jewel clear, always a surprise that you can see so far. Going toward Toronto on the QE you can also see the downtown and CN tower from the Skyway and you get another view across the lake when the QE runs close along the shore at Jordan Station.

Yesterday the St Catherines view was hazy -- water vapour over the lake, I think. The downtown came out in silhouette and the CN tower was all obscured except the bulgy bit, which showed as a lighter curve where the sun was hitting it. The view at Jordan Station was much clearer, because of the lesser distance. The lake horizon was a defined dark blue line and there were sailboats out. Again, the Toronto towers were a silhouette, but a much more defined one. Just beautiful, with the water sparkling and the little boats dancing around. I don't know why this pleases me so much, but if it is grey and raining that part of the trip seems long and boring.

I've always wanted to try and get a photo, but you don't stop on the QE, especially on the skyway, so I guess I will have to treasure the pictures in my mind.


  1. You made that seem perfectly lovely to see.

    Such an evocative post.

  2. It is so hard to see our loved ones age, isn't it?

    I so wish i could take that same drive. Maybe someday I will. . .