Wednesday, 6 June 2007

This thing about Robin...keeps bob, bob, bobbin' along

Under the Mad Hat put this comment on my Monday Mission post about the robins.

We have a robin's nest over the porch light on our back deck. Sunday morning the baby robin was hatched. I've been trying to figure out how to blog the story and here you've gone and scooped me. I should've known that there was gold in travel writing.

I was inspired to consult with one of my resident robins and found that she wished to send Mad's robin a letter. Mad said I should post it, and as she is one of my heroines, her word is my command. (And if you know the song my title is quoted from, I would like to discuss arthritis remedies and good rinses for white hair with you.)

Top of the Hydro Mast
G Estate
North of Perth, ON
Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Mrs Rachel Robin
Over the Porch Light
Mad Hat House
Maritimes, ON

Sent c/o The Mad Hatter

Dear Rachel,
I am sure this has to be you, and after Mrs.G told me about you, I just had to send you a note.

I have three darling fledglings this year, Robert, Rupert and Rudyard. Robert is a bit clumsy and may have to take remedial flying this summer, but Rupert and Ruddy are fine big boys and look to have inherited their father's splendid voice, or so their determined chirping would have me think.

I hear you have only one baby this year -- well, dear, we can't all lay a full clutch all the time. And I am sure your little one will do you proud.

The weather here has been abominable -- rain, rain and more rain. My feathers are giving me trouble as always in this weather. Luckily the web worms are very numerous so that feeding my crew has not been too onerous and I have been able to put in a bit of preening.

I am worried, though, about my residence here. When we arrived this spring, all traces of last year's nest (and it was a lovely big one) were gone. And I see Mrs G eyeing this one with a determined glint in her eye. She is hard to deal with, why cousin Rebecca couldn't build on the porch light this year because the wretched woman tied tinfoil to the top of it. Tsk. So unmannerly. I am glad your proprietress is more lenient.

Well dear, I must close. The little ones are demanding more worms. Best wishes, and I hope we will meet at Lake Cleveland this fall as usual. I want to hear all about your maritime adventure.

Ever your friend,



  1. Hahahaha! -- I loved the Monday Mission post, and I love this one.

    You and Mad: two birds of a feather.

    (Sorry. I could not resist.)

  2. For the record, Miss M loves to sing the red, red robbin. Might I say, she sure doesn't look her age.

    I know I said it in an email but I'll say it again here: "I loved this letter."

  3. Such a nice letter. Those robins do have a way with words. (And they do so love a bit of alliteration.)

    Thanks for dropping by my place earlier, and leaving your kind note!

  4. You are so clever, lady! I love it! I think i might read this and the wingtip one to my daughter who has a fondness for robins ever since we read The Secret Garden.

  5. My finch had just one baby, too. I may forward the letter to her : )

  6. This letter is wonderful!
    My kids love to sing "Robin In The Rain", which is another sweet robin song.