Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I have to do tomorrow.

1.) Get up far earlier than I want to -- I'm a night person.

2.) Supervise a gang of teenagers picking strawberries for a fundraising supper I am helping with.

3.) Make two big cakes, ditto.

4.) Make jellied aspic, ditto.

5.) Clean, cut up and sort fruit for fruit kabobs, ditto.

6.) Make signs, ditto.

7.) Go to the bank and get a float, ditto.

8.) Put up the stand for another event at which I am doing a fundraising activity.

9.) Clean the house and prepare for house guests for the weekend.

10.) Do enough laundry to have clean underwear through this house guest's visit, plus another set expected on Tuesday.

11.) Print off a set of Length of Service certificates for a meeting next week.

12.) Clean up my rats' nest of an office so as not to offend the guests once I have done the certificates.

13.) Plan menus for the next six days and make sure I have enough food to feed two sets of guests -- this involves reading the rather limited diet sheet for one of them and planning around it.

One thing I am not going to do tomorrow.

Anything else.

I don't enjoy fundraising. I wonder why.


  1. You are one busy lady! Is aspic kind of like meat jello? Please excuse my ignorance. . .

  2. Spicy tomato jello -- sweet and sour, in fact. Uses V8 juice, maple syrup, malt vinegar, spices, gelatin.
    You either love it or hate it.

  3. wow two cakes...have a great time making the seem a little busy these coming days

  4. Yikes.
    That is a list to end all lists.

  5. I hope you had a great time and raised lots of funds.
    Happy (very) late TT. :-)

  6. Oooh yousaid fundraising. Dirty word! Dirty! I had like five (mental block setup is partially successful) this past Spring and as such have sworn them off until I forget how hard they were LOL.

    That's quite a list...I wish you well!

  7. Man, and I thought I was busy with two boys and the two toddlers I babysit. I get more rest than you do! LOL Great TT!