Sunday, 22 February 2009

Signs of Spring

This post is a Monday Mission, as organized by Painted Maypole. For info and links to other participants, please visit her blog.


  1. Did you see Sweet/Salty Kate's letter to July over at Shutter Sisters last week?:

    Dear July,

    I miss you. Please be prompt. That is all.

    Unrequited love,

    Shivers McWintery

    *Cue fits of giggles from the peanut gallery.*

    Here's the link:

  2. I'm sorry, that's not fast enough. I need Spring NOW!

  3. I think our spring will be here a little sooner--hope you don't have to wait much longer than 60 days

  4. If you change the word "Spring" to "Flooding", then I could play along too.

  5. Cute! I love the little stricken face in the window. And 60 days is too long for me, too. I need spring now.