Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Clenching Our Fists

What is this all about? To find out, you need to read this post from Don Mills Diva. It's far more eloquent than anything I could write.
The type of lifting of material and reattributing it somewhat that she describes has also happened to me. A part of a post on a sensitive topic, a post that I had very very carefully constructed to lead toward my final argument, was lifted and used out of context. Needless to say, I was not happy. I could not even find a place on the offending website that would allow a non member to post a comment.
I have never bothered to put copyright notices or equivalent on this blog; I figure that people who have ethics and a conscience will ask and attribute and people who don't would not be deterred by anything short of a leg hold trap. Our information is all out there, for sure, and the list of less than ethical institutions that suck it up is headed by Our Very Own Government. So, what's the use. If you blog it or Facebook it, they will come.
Kelly's request, however, just seemed to make my hands and mouse move of their own accord to set this up. She's that eloquent. So, please go and take a look and I hope to see some fists popping up around the place.


  1. Aww - thanks for your kind words!

    And write on girl!

  2. This post was great (as well as the link). There is such a diversity of material to read as one surfs the web. I'll clench my fist even though I'm just a beginner who really doesn't know or contribute much.

  3. I read about this on Kelly's blog. I felt terrible for her. I am sad to hear it happened to you too. Nasty!

  4. Clenched fists across to blogosphere! For sure.

    Great post.