Thursday, 5 February 2009

Winter Wonderland

This is a very interesting group that links people who want to post a photo essay. I hope to heck I have the link in there properly. Anyway, you can find the info at this site.

Some times beautiful things are gorgeous with colour and drama. Some other times, not. I just read a marvellous post about a brown tablecloth that brought its owner quiet joy. And it made me think of this.
Take a walk along a frozen stream in the quiet, quiet winter forest. And just look.


  1. What a lovely, tranquil place to be.L ove the photo.
    Glad you have joined the clan. its a good group to be in!

  2. Beautiful photo - I do love the way the world looks in winter, even if I am too much of a cold-weather wimp to go out into it much!

  3. you live in a beautiful place. Thanks for the link

  4. The photo is so beautiful! I really miss being able to see that kind of scenery. When I lived near the Rockies, we saw it a lot.


  5. So tranquil and lovely, that scene.

    (And -- blush -- thanks.)

  6. frozen water always surprises me, the bumpiness of it, the stopped-ness. this is beautiful.